The Heba Video

At my upcoming keynote address at the 33rd Annual Women in Aviation Conference, I’ll reference the “Heba Tape” — a real-time transcript of an inflight medical emergency.

Although the passengers aboard airplanes may not be aware of the words “MedAire” or “MedLink,” we are their safety net. During a medical emergency, the flight crew will use a MedAire medical kit (complete with assessment tools, medical equipment including a defibrillator, and medicines), and will contact MedLink where a ground-based, board-certified emergency physician will guide them through the crisis.

The video below demonstrates the types of calls received by MedLink — in this case, a pregnancy and blood loss. It’s situations like these that make me extremely grateful to have pioneered the world’s first global remote emergency center in 1987. The MedLink team has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives throughout the decades.

The video is transcribed and you’ll hear the interaction between the crew and a MedLink emergency physician. Check it out!