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Podcast — interview with Host Scott Pitney and
Guest Joan Sullivan Garrett


Aired October 6, 2021

About Scott Pitney

Scott is a full-time entrepreneur and has spent thousands of hours interviewing people from all walks of life. He has a hunger for peoples’ stories and enjoys learning about and from them.

He has a strong belief in legacy and has written journals for over twenty years as part of building his own legacy for his family and future generations.

About YourChron

This podcast is a means for extraordinary people to leave a part of their legacy by telling their extraordinary stories to friends, family, and an audience that too desires to learn from peoples’ life experiences. — Enjoy!


Featuring Joan Sullivan Garrett

Joan Sullivan Garrett is the Founder and Chairman of MedAire, the world’s largest integrated aviation and maritime provider of medical, travel, and safety services.

Her company is your safety net — a traveler’s best friend. You may not know that when you are 36,000 feet in the air or the middle of an ocean, MedAire is a phone call away. Suppose you have a heart attack or some other type of medical emergency while traveling. In that case, Joan’s company provides ground-based emergency physicians who talk crews through the crisis — in real-time, instantaneously, and globally. For instance, whether you are flying over Europe or voyaging toward the Mediterranean, MedAire is there… and everywhere… due to the miracle of telemedicine.

So, how did a flight nurse build the world’s first global emergency response center?

As a flight nurse, all Joan wanted to do was save lives. She never set out to be an entrepreneur. Yet, during a rescue mission in 1984, the loss of a young patient compelled her to — somehow, someway — improve remote emergency medicine. What followed was Joan’s pioneering of telemedicine, which some call aeromedicine, through her startup. Only satellite communications and teletype existed in those days, and it wasn’t easy to provide a worldwide, lifesaving service. But nearly forty years later, MedAire remains the gold standard for onboard medical emergencies around the world, saving untold lives.

Joan has written her autobiography, One Life Lost, Millions Gained, available on Amazon. It’s much more than a book on business. It captures Joan’s journey through a difficult childhood, her Irish roots, her flight nursing escapades, and the challenges of single motherhood while building her company, not to mention the glass ceiling of the 1980s of which she rose above. She shares some jaw-dropping adventures along the way.


Book Signing

October 12-14, 2021
Las Vegas, Nevada

Come see Joan and get an autographed copy!

Joan was a recipient of the 2017 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Meritorious Service to Aviation Award and will be present at the 2021 convention to discuss her book.

Joan and Ed Bolen, President and CEO of the NBAA, at the 2017 Meritorious Service to Aviation Award ceremony





The Turknett Leadership Group

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October 29, 2021

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Hailing from a family of nurses, Joan has always had a passion for helping those who need it the most. She is a 1979 graduate of Mesa Community College and went on to become a critical care registered flight nurse. While on the job, Joan realized the need for remote medical care after assisting an 8-year-old boy who was suffering from life threatening injuries in a remote desert area. Today, her company is credited with establishing the world’s first global emergency response center. Joan has been recognized for her entrepreneurial drive, innovation, and impact on an entire industry by the Flight Safety Foundation’s Business Aviation Meritorious Service Award, Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Arizona State University, National Business Aviation Association Meritorious Award Winner, and International Aviation Women’s Association Aviation Industry Woman of Excellence Award. In 2020, she was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame and recognized for pioneering aeromedicine around the world.