It was a lot of fun attending the NNBA convention this past July 21st. From 8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. I presented the Keynote Address, One Life Lost, Millions Gained: The Story of a Flight Nurse Turned MedAire CEO. What an enthusiastic audience of nurse entrepreneurs and a warm welcome —

If you haven’t heard of Joan Sullivan Garrett or MedAire, you are in for a ride! As a flight nurse, all Joan ever wanted to do is save lives. In 1984, the loss of a young patient in the remote mountains of Arizona compelled her to pioneer global telemedicine–quite a feat in those days. Joan’s entrepreneurial story of what it took to build a multi-million dollar international company will inspire you to break boundaries and realize your dreams.

It’s always an honor to speak with nursing professionals who are pursuing sideline businesses inside and outside of medicine. These creative and passionate innovators are impacting others and changing the world.

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