Not everyone has heard about the leather flight jackets given to International Air & Space Hall of Fame inductees.

Here are some fun facts.

If you’ve ever wondered if there is the equivalent of “Oscar Night” in the world of aviation — there is! The annual International Air & Space Hall of Fame ceremony is a who’s-who of aviation and space pioneers and visionaries, and it was an absolute honor to be included in the Distinguished Class of 2019.

The event was held at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, and I accepted the honor while wearing a hall of fame gift — my own brown leather flight jacket. I love wearing it, but want to preserve it as well. Luckily for me, it’s well crafted to last a lifetime and beyond. You can see from the photo that it’s personalized with my name on one side and an iconic logo on the other.

Jeff Bezos, Hawley Bowlus, Dr. Vance Coffman, Robert J. Gilliland, Apollo astronaut Dick Gordon, Lt. Col. David Hamilton and Dr. Robert H. Liebeck were also honored. What a line up, and let me tell you, they are hard acts to follow when standing at the podium.

You’ll also notice the medal of honor around my neck and the red, white, and blue ribbon from which it hangs. It was an extraordinary honor to receive this acclaim and spend time with fellow inductees, but most importantly, look out into the audience and see friends, colleagues, and MedAire clients who have been so supportive throughout the decades.

According to the International Air & Space Hall of Fame and the San Diego Air & Space Museum, more than 600 guests witnessed Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, MedAire founder Joan Sullivan Garrett and others enter the world’s most prestigious aviation and space Hall of Fame.

MedAire Founder Joan Sullivan Garrett
In 1983, Sullivan Garrett was serving as a critical care flight nurse and chief medical officer aboard an emergency helicopter evacuation flight, responding to a remote, rural traffic accident. Less than two years later, she founded MedAire – now the leading global provider of 24/7 integrated safety solutions for aviation and maritime where remote medical care is in high demand. Garrett’s congressional testimony in 2001 led to the FAA’s final ruling requiring US airlines to carry AEDs on all flights, domestic and international.

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