Every once in a while I run across an “oldie but goodie” article from the earlier days of MedAire. In 1998, the Phoenix Business Journal published an excellent article that explains the adrenaline involved in taking emergency calls. Remote medicine bridges the gap of time and space. It connects crews in the air or at sea with ground-based physicians during onboard emergencies. Most of all, it adds a component of care to passengers that was sorely missing until MedAire, and our service arm MedLink, were launched.

When I innovated this service in the 1980’s, nothing like it existed. That’s why this “Way Back Wednesday” piece is such a walk down memory lane. I’m also happy that my Business Aviation Meritorious Award by the Flight Safety Foundation is mentioned. It was such an honor and achievement to receive this prestigious award after more than a decade of dedication.

Hard work pays off. Dreams can come true. And an unlikely entrepreneur like me can make a difference. When lives are at stake, that’s when MedAire comes through for passengers around the world. That’s the crux of my book, One Life Lost, Millions Gained: The Story of a Fight Nurse Turned MedAire CEO. I hope you enjoy turning the pages!


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