Greetings, readers!

If you bought my book on Amazon, I hope you’ll weigh in with a review! I appreciate your emails and notes very much — and there have been plenty — but reviews are nice too!

If you received One Life Lost, Millions Gained at my recent book signing, I hope you’ll provide a review as well. You can scroll down on this Amazon page to leave a review.The more, the merrier, and your feedback will help as I contemplate penning my next book!

If you haven’t yet made the purchase, I promise my autobiography gives a raw and unflinching look behind the scenes of a rough childhood, a 30-year quest to become a registered nurse, many adrenaline moments aboard a helicopter as a flight nurse, and how I became an entrepreneur in the field of remote medicine.

In fact, my flight nursing experiences became the basis of my startup nearly 40 years ago, MedAire — the world’s first remote emergency center that changed the travel industry forever. It was a global venture from day one, and MedAire remains the golden standard in remote medicine and safety.

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