Host Scott Pitney with Joan Sullivan Garrett

I really enjoyed speaking with the amazing Scott Pitney, host of Scott’s podcast is about “extraordinary people and their extraordinary journeys,” and I think the backstory of MedAire certainly qualifies!

Scott has spent thousands of hours interviewing people from all walks of life — and it shows. He put me at ease, and at the end asked me about my legacy and what I’d like to be remembered for. The answer? Nursing. As I state in my book:

I’m such a strong advocate for nurses and promote the vocation every chance I get. When I die, the nicest thing a person could possibly say in remembering me is: “She was the greatest nurse.” That would be the ultimate compliment and the very best eulogy I can imagine because I believe nurses and first responders are heroes — superheroes.


Scott gave me more than an hour to tell my story and talk about One Life Lost, Million Gained, and I admit to getting emotional (once again), in retelling the story of Ralphie, the little boy who lost his life on a remote road in the Arizona mountains. As a flight nurse, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t save him. Yet, his death was not in vain. It compelled me to find a solution to the lack of emergency medicine in the most remote places on earth, and this is why the book is dedicated to an eight-year-old and memorializes Ralphie’s gift to the world — in the form of telemedicine.


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