I stepped down as CEO of MedAire in 2008 and am now semi-retired with the roles of chairman of the board and industry consultant. After such a fast-paced existence, it’s quite nice to sit on my deck in the Arizona mountains and appreciate the little things that mean so much — good health, the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, and especially family. The sacrifices made by my husband and sons to support this monumental effort cannot be overstated.

It’s wonderful to have reached this age of contentment and fulfillment. Yet, in the midst of this serenity, my appointment calendar sounds an alarm, and I’m off again on a four-hour commute to Phoenix, leaving my mountain home for business in the city. There’s still work to do and meetings to attend (and I’m able to visit my three grandchildren — a real bonus).

Enjoying a visit to the MedAire headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo credit: MedAire

Most executives are happy to share the lessons learned and encourage others, and I’m no exception. But when I mentor, it extends beyond business. I share the importance of unwavering faith, a supportive family, and invaluable team members. I am so blessed that these elements were present and helped build such an essential company. Believe me, the people who stood behind MedAire, including our talented board members, deserve the utmost credit.

Perhaps that’s the most profound lesson of all. People make a company. People are the company. People deserve the credit.