I’ll admit that working two or three jobs consistently after obtaining my nursing license caused quite a bit of “working mother guilt.” Still, I was home and not traveling during my two sons’ formative years.

My son Aaron holding our early kits for the business aviation market.

While they were high school and college, however, I was gone 280 days per year, marketing my company, training flight and maritime crews, and speaking at industry events worldwide.

How do traveling fathers handle the separation? It’s pretty common for fathers to travel for a living, but traveling mothers seem to be more of an anomaly. I worried from afar, missed a lot of extracurricular events, and wished I could have cloned myself.

Our first MedLink Space featuring my son Josh with a MedLink physician.

Yes, I missed them so much, as well as my husband Frank, but was able to maintain an exhausting schedule because my family supported me, especially when I was homesick and jet-lagged. We all believed that MedAire was a cause bigger than ourselves — a company that helps save lives on air, land, and sea.

My two remarkable sons have given me three wonderful grandchildren. I’m deeply gratified that both worked for MedAire, and one still does to this day.