My dear friend Michael Quiello, Vice President of Avelo Airlines, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the National Aviation Hall of Fame, and former Vice President of United Airlines exemplifies the “customer turned friend” that is so important to me.

Michael has relied on MedAire through United Airlines and Avelo Airlines. When I was nominated for the National Aviation Hall of Fame, he was the person who broke the wonderful news that I would be inducted into the Class of 2020. The organization’s motto, “Honoring Aerospace Legends to Inspire Future Leaders,” truly captures my role in engaging young people and attracting them to careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) within the aviation industry. I am forever grateful to be recognized for my contributions to flight safety with this prestigious honor.

Below is the announcement on the organization’s website.

The National Aviation Hall of Fame Recognizes the “Class of 2020”

While their enshrinement event is postponed, their induction is not.

Class of 2020 as Enshrinees was unanimous.

Trustee Phil Roberts made the formal motion at the spring meeting of the Board on May 15th in Dayton. “It didn’t seem right (to me) that their Enshrinement was canceled twice and their induction put in limbo,” Roberts said.


Roberts’s motion read “That the Class of 2020 be recognized as Enshrinees of the NAHF as of September 27, 2020. And that each of these individuals is afforded the choice of a future NAHF function to be “presented and ceremoniously enshrined” at the earliest possible time that is mutually convenient to the NAHF and the individual.”


The NAHF’s Enshrinement Ceremony, widely known as the Oscar Night of Aviation, was canceled in May 2020 due to COVID restrictions. Earlier this month, the Board voted to cancel the 2021 Enshrinement due to COVID uncertainties and the impact on the NAHF’s biggest supporters, the aviation industry.


“While there is much to be positive about as the nation is increasingly vaccinated from COVID-19, we are still cautious regarding travel and uneasy in seeking sponsorship when many of our supporters are among the hardest hit economically, “said President and CEO Amy Spowart.


Enshrinement draws the best in aviation. Included in the annual dinner and ceremony are aviation legends, American heroes, industry leaders, corporate sponsors, elected officials, and lifelong NAHF members. The event has hosted such notables as John Travolta, Harrison Ford, Miles O’Brien, and Dennis Quaid and welcomed many aviation legends like Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Jackie Cochran, Eileen Collins, and Dick Rutan.

The Class of 2020 is now recognized among those ranks.


“The NAHF Class of 2020, is a diverse group representing a broad range of enduring contributions to both the advancement of flight and the exploration of space. We believe that this is an excellent class and we are looking forward to celebrating them all”, NAHF Board of Trustees Chair Michael Quiello said. “From pioneer Bullard to visionaries Faget, Sullivan Garrett and Kaminski, to aerospace hero Gordon, the NAHF’s Class of 2020 represents the best in aviation.”


“Regardless of COVID restrictions and the other hurdles in our path, we will celebrate our next induction in the Birthplace of Aviation“, Spowart said. “It is our goal to hold the 2022 Enshrinement Dinner and Ceremony in Dayton, Ohio. We are eager to recognize the Class of 2020, induct the Class of 2022, and honor all 253 women and men who are the NAHF.”

Ms. Joan Sullivan Garrett — Medical Professional; Visionary; Founder of MedAire; established the first aviation global medical emergency response; and directs real-time safety services to thousands annually throughout aviation.