A great time was had by all! L-R: Dr. Jorme, Dr. Jannicke Mellen -Olsen, Tove, and me.


What a delight to meet up with wonderful friends in Helsinki. I was able to detour to Finland on my to the European Business Aviation Summit in Brussels for a too-short visit with Dr. Jannicke Mellen, Dr. Jorma, a famous Red Cross surgeon who saved thousands in war-torn regions of the world, and my friend Tove. I’ve known all three for decades, dating back to the early MedAire days, and I mentioned my adventures with these dear souls in my autobiography.


All together. Such a wonderful but short reunion!


With dear friend Dr. Jannicke Mellen.

With dear friend Dr. Jorme.


With dear friend Tove.



MedAire’s rich history is captured in my autobiography, a fascinating journey of overcoming challenges, harnessing technology, and pioneering a never-before-available suite of life-saving services.

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