If you’d like a great overview of MedAire and its service arm, MedLink, take a look at an article in Aero Crews News titled “Your Medical Co-Pilot.” MedAire compiled this comprehensive piece, complete with great images.

In fact, I point journalists to this article when they need a detailed description of what a “medical co-pilot” is. The topic comes up in interviews, and the feedback I’ve gotten is that the article is a “great resource.”

From the article:

If you’re a pilot in commercial aviation, chances are you know of the services provided by MedAire. While MedAire isn’t a household name – they have been instrumental in providing medical and safety services to the aviation industry for more than 35 years.


Ever heard of MedLink? MedLink is MedAire’s ground-based medical advisory service used by airlines around the world to support their crew when there is a medical event on board.


Do you look at those medical kits on board? There’s a good chance that they are assembled and supplied by MedAire.


Ever get sick while on duty travel? You may have spoken with one of MedAire’s medical professionals for advice and assistance.


In this feature, we go behind the scenes to learn more about the company that assists thousands of pilots and crewmembers every year.

Of course, you’ll find an even more expansive discussion about MedAire and MedLink in my autobiography, One Life Lost, Millions Gained: The story of a Flight Nurse Turned MedAire CEO. I think you’ll find it just as fascinating, if not more so!



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