Joan Sullivan Garrett and Bill Dolny

I appreciate this shout out by MedAire about my recent enshrinement into the National Aviation Hall of Fame. This enshrinement included being presented the NAHF’s Medal of Honor. I’m pictured with Bill Dolny, MedAire CEO, during the National Business Aviation Association convention in October 2021 — and I’m proudly wearing the medal! What an honor!

As the founder and current chairman, I appreciate MedAire’s support of my book that documents the adrenaline-filled early days and how my startup came into existence. What a ride it’s been, and so much good has been accomplished through vision, hard work, and a cause greater than myself.






MedAire Founder and Chairman Joan Sullivan Garrett was ceremoniously enshrined into the National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) on October 13, 2021 during the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.
Garrett was inducted into the NAHF’s Class of 2020 for being a visionary that pioneered telemedicine and founded the aviation industry’s first global remote medical emergency response company, MedAire, which directs real-time safety services to thousands annually throughout aviation.
“The Public Law that established the NAHF entrusts us to recognize people who advance aviation with their life’s work. Joan Sullivan Garrett not only revolutionized aviation, but she also transformed it and made the world safer for every single person in the air. She also set herself apart by achieving so much at such a young age. Her foresight, aptitude and impact make her more than worthy for induction into the NAHF,” said Amy Spowart, the NAHF’s President and CEO.
Garrett has also been the recipient of Flight Safety Foundation’s Business Aviation Meritorious Service Award 1997. In addition, in 2001, she was named Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. That same year she gave congressional testimony that led to the FAA’s final ruling requiring US airlines to carry AEDs on all flights, domestic and international.  In 2017, Garrett received the National Business Aviation Association’s prestigious Meritorious Award and the International Aviation Women’s Association Woman of Excellence Award for her significant contributions to the industry. Finally, she was also inducted into the prestigious International Air and Space Hall of Fame in 2019.
She recently published her autobiography, One Life Lost, Millions Gained, The Story of a Flight Nurse turned MedAire CEO. The book, now available on Amazon, tells the story of how her vision and entrepreneurial spirit led her to connect ground-based emergency physicians with flight and maritime crews from anywhere in the world in real time, whether 36,000 feet in the air or in the middle of an ocean.
“On behalf of everyone at her MedAire family, I would like to congratulate to Joan on receiving this high honour. We could not be prouder of her, and of course, prouder to continue to fulfil and evolve her vision each day.” said Bill Dolny, CEO of MedAire.
Today, MedAire is the leading global provider of 24/7 integrated safety solutions for the aviation and maritime industries. Their products and services are on board more than 4500 private aviation aircraft, over 1,100 yachts, and utilised by over 180 global airlines. Additionally, MedAire’s assistance service and medical kits come standard on new aircraft from the world’s top business jet manufacturers. In addition to medical assistance, equipment and training solutions, MedAire offers a suite of aviation security solutions, to help flight departments mitigate risks to their people, aircraft, and operations.
About MedAire
MedAire, an International SOS company, has been a partner to the aviation and maritime industries since 1985. MedAire pioneered the concept of air to ground in-flight medical events with its MedLink service. Today MedAire provides fully integrated travel health and security solutions to over 180 of the world’s leading airlines and more than 4,000 private aircraft including 75% of fortune 100 companies. Integrated solutions include aviation security intelligence, real-time health and security advice and assistance, training, equipment, and professional services for crew and passengers both in and beyond the cabin. MedAire handles thousands of calls a year to help crew and passengers manage medical and travel safety events in the air and on the ground with 24/7 access to emergency care doctors, nurses, and aviation security specialists.
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